Announcing the php[world] Conference Open Spaces Facilitator

PJ Hagerty

PJ Hagerty (@aspleenic)

We are excited this year to have PJ Hagerty (@aspleenic) joining us as a facilitator for our Open Spaces program at php[world].  PJ is a well-known community member and a technology evangelist for IBM Bluemix.

Don’t know what Open Spaces is?  It’s an amazing option that we offer during our conference.  It’s the conference track that is determined by what you, the attendees, want to talk about.  We set aside a room with just a large circle of chairs and a flipchart.  There’s a signup board where you can pick a timeslot, and write-in a topic that you want to have a discussion about.  It could be that you are an expert on the subject, it could be that you know nothing about that topic and want to learn.  It doesn’t matter.

There are only two rules.  First, if you write down a topic, you show up and stay there for the whole timeframe.  People will come, if they don’t immediately, then pull out your laptop and start Googling the topic, write a blog post, write some code.  People will show up.  Secondly, for people attending php[world], you can vote with the rule of two-feet.  Feel free to get up and go to a session, feel free to leave an organized session and join the Open Spaces.

We are excited that PJ will be helping facilitate the whole process.  Expect to see him start to make some noise on twitter shortly, and all throughout the conference!  And you can join in on the fun at the conference itself for only $195, as Open Spaces access has been granted to all attendees, including Expo-Only ticket holders!