Meet our Review Crew

We are excited this year to have reached out to the community, and invited a number of talk submission reviewers for our Call for Speakers who are not a part of php[architect].  We felt that it’s important that we have a broad & diverse set of opinions coming into a conference such as this, which strives to serve such a wide field of frameworks and application communities.

The team is already gearing up to quickly rate all of the talk submissions (usually over 600!) in record time so that we can quickly turn around a conference schedule for everyone to see! The full team reviewing talks this year is:

Cathy Theys

Cathy is a core Drupal contributor, frequent speaker, and part of the Drupal 8 Multilingual Team

Joe Ferguson

Joe is a contributor to Laravel Homestead, and is the Laravel Training instructor for php[architect]

Jenny Wong

Jenny lives in the UK working as a community engineer, and is well known in the WordPress community

Kevin Bruce

Kevin is the Creative Director of php[architect] and develops themes and code for Drupal, WordPress, and more

Heather White

Heather is the Conference Co-Chair, trained in Instructional Development, and President of One for All Events

Oscar Merida

Oscar is the Editor-in-Chief of php[architect] magazine as well as being being a Drupal consultant for

Eli White

Eli is the Conference Chair for php[world] 2016, a PHP and WordPress Consultant, and Vice President of One for All Events

You can see the result of their hard work on our finalized schedule page!