SymfonyLive at php[world]

SymfonyLiveWe heard the sad news that SymfonyLive Chicago was canceled, and that there wouldn’t be a SymfonyLive event in the US this year because of it.  We just couldn’t have that so we reached out and partnered with SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony, and are excited to announce that we are now hosting a SymfonyLive Track at php[world]!

sensiolabs-588x267This track is essentially a conference within a conference.  But of course, a single conference ticket gets you into all the Symfony talks as well as any other sessions at php[world].  Along with this we’ve added some additional workshops, training & more to the conference that we’d also like to announce as well:

Keynote: 10 Things I’ve Learned Working in Open Source

The father of Symfony, Fabien Potencier, will be joining us to give a keynote on his experiences working in various Open Sources projects such as Symfony and Twig.  He will share with you 10 things that might help you become more involved in the Open-Source projects you use everyday! (learn more)

Training: Symfony 3, the Key Concepts

This full-day training class is now available for just $295 (and can be purchased independently from the main conference).  Taught by SensioLabs CTO Nicolas Grekas, it will cover all the basics of managing a Symfony 3 project on a day-to-day basis. (learn more)

Workshop: Migration Guide to Symfony 3.0

Given on our Tutorial Day (Tuesday), this 3.5-hour workshop will guide you through the process of upgrading your Symfony2 application and learning how to avoid a few pitfalls.  Taught by Nicolas Grekas.  (learn more)

Workshop: Profiling PHP Applications

Do you know how to measure how well your application is performing?  If not how you can know how to improve it?  In this 3.5-hour workshop also by Nicolas Grekas, you will be introduced to multiple tools to help you with this process, including XDebug, xhProf, and (learn more)