Session Track: Magento

ic_shopping_cart_black_48dpMagento is the go-to solution for eCommerce in the enterprise world. Our Magento talks this year focus on the newest release, Magento 2, and how to best develop highly performant sites based upon it.
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Magento 2 Development for PHP Developers

Ash Grove B

As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, the demand for Magento developer is at an all-time high. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce you to developing for Magento 2 and help you get up to speed quickly so that you’re ready to support and extend existing Magento 2 sites. Tutorial Requirements: Participants […]

Intermediate Magento Tutorial

Magento 2 Performance: Every Second Counts

Ash Grove C

On the web, every second counts. Studies have shown that a 1 second delay in load time can cost a mid-sized eCommerce company $2.5 million per year in lost revenue. Let’s look at what Magento 2 has done to improve performance and how we can take things a step further to ensure the Magento 2 […]

Intermediate Magento

Automating Your Workflow with Gulp.js

Great Falls

Gulp is a powerful utility for automating development workflows. Tasks are written using code, not configuration, enabling the easy creation of highly-custom and flexible automations. This talk introduces developers to the core concepts of gulp.js, and how to leverage it for new & existing projects. We’ll cover several examples of common tasks for managing CSS, […]

Beginner Drupal Javascript Magento SymfonyLive

Magento 2 Development Best Practices

Ash Grove A

Magento 2 is best known as the most successful open source commerce app, but did you know that it is a full-fledged PHP framework underneath, complete with several tools to make a developer’s life easier. In order to build and maintain a Magento 2 site, developers must adhere to certain framework conventions and use the […]

Beginner Magento