DCPHP User Group Meeting

Ash Grove B

Join a meeting of the DCPHP Developer’s Community. (This event is open to the public as well as all conference attendees holding any ticket type.) Grab a free ticket if you’d like to attend.

Title: PHP Performance Profiling Using Blackfire

Description: Most developers today write unit tests for their apps and web sites. But what about performance? Everyone is talking about it but very few developers actually integrate performance testing into their development workflow. Fabien will talk about PHP performance best practices and then show how Blackfire.io can be used to easily profile your apps and sites to quickly identify areas of your code that are running slow.  In addition, while performance profiling is great, continuous performance testing is where every developer should be heading. Fabien will discuss why that is so important and how you can easily integrate Blackfire.io with your CI tools to deliver great performance from the start and throughout the life of your apps and web sites.