Hands On Building APIs with Apigility

Ash Grove A

In this hands-on tutorial with ZF2 and Apigility, we’ll build several working APIs and learn how Apigility can help you build REST (and RPC) APIs quickly, easily and consistently. Since Apigility is opinionated, many decisions have been made which will reduce your cognitive load and help you focus on writing the interesting bits of code that make it all work. Please come prepared with a computer running PHP 5.5 or later. I’ll provide code to start and work from.

Tutorial Requirements:

Participants should have:

  • A laptop with PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7 preferred) installed locally or in a VM
  • Your favorite editor
  • A REST tester installed (Free versions are Postman, DHC, or Advanced REST tester)
  • Make sure your PHP installation has support for PDO, Sqlite, and PDO_Sqlite specifically.
  • A thumb drive with the Apigility skeleton and SQLite database will be provided during the workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact David Stockton – @dstockto

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