David Stockton


David Stockton has been writing PHP code professionally since 1998. He is Vice President of Technology at i3logix in Denver, CO. He is very passionate about source control, TDD, APIs and PHP development. He is married and has two daughters who he is teaching to program and build circuits with Arduino and a five-year-old son who has a Master’s degree in annoying his sisters, and has been seen studying calculus and recursive algorithms. He created zendtutorials.com and tddftw.com.

My Sessions

Phone Calls and SMS from PHP

Great Falls

We all know how to build websites and many of us build APIs as well. In short, interacting with users through browsers and HTTP is old hat. Applications reach out to users through their phones, making calls, sending text messages, and driving more engagement even when your users may not be in front of a […]


Hands On Building APIs with Apigility

Ash Grove A

In this hands-on tutorial with ZF2 and Apigility, we’ll build several working APIs and learn how Apigility can help you build REST (and RPC) APIs quickly, easily and consistently. Since Apigility is opinionated, many decisions have been made which will reduce your cognitive load and help you focus on writing the interesting bits of code […]

Intermediate Tutorial Zend Framework