Adam Englander


Adam Englander is a seasoned developer with over thirty years of experience building scalable, manageable, and reliable systems. For the past ten years, he has been doing that with PHP. Adam is vocal advocate for utilizing Behavioral Driven Development as the driver for building great applications. His dedication to the PHP community is well known as the founder of Vegas PHP. In the past few years, Adam has been building IoT apps and has begun teaching others how simple it can be.

My Sessions

You Don’t Need Node.js: Async Programming in PHP


Asynchronous frameworks allow developers to build stateful protocols and Internet of Things applications without threading and forking. Python, Ruby, and Node.js have had asynchronous frameworks for over ten years. PHP is now starting to catch up with Icicle.io. Learn the basics concepts of event based programming, and how the event loop allows a single thread […]


Tales from the Crypto: A Cryptography Primer


Cryptography is a complex and confusing subject. There seems to be more misinformation than actual information. Learn how to properly use cryptography to secure user credentials and sensitive data. We will discuss cryptographic methodologies and algorithms available to PHP. The focus will be on encryption, digital signatures, and hashing. We will discuss methodologies as part […]