Brian Retterer


Brian Retterer has been working with PHP since the release of PHP 5. He has contributed to a number of private projects and consulted on many others. Brian is now working as the PHP Developer Evangelist for Stormpath where his roles include creating integrations in other frameworks to allow the use of the SDK, and managing the development of the Stormpath PHP SDK.

My Sessions

PHP Authentication, Lessons Learned

Ash Grove A

Just about every website out there has some sort of authentication. We sign into accounts everywhere, from your social media profile, all the way to your bank account. There are so many products out there; to help you with your authentication requirements, and I have worked with many of them. During this talk, Brian will […]


Building a REST API in Lumen You’ll Love to Use

Great Falls

In the day of PHP microservices, API’s are inevitable. Designing and building a clean and intuitive one does not happen easily. Not only do you have to worry about resources, collection, pagination, which HTTP methods to use, and more, you have to make it reliable so it won’t break for your clients when new features […]

Intermediate Laravel