Davey Shafik

Akamai Technologies

Davey Shafik is a full-time developer with over 15 years of experience in PHP and related technologies. He is a Developer Evangelist at Akamai Technologies and has written three books, numerous articles, and spoken at conferences the world over. He is best known as the creator of PHP Archive (PHAR) for PHP 5.3. Davey is passionate about improving the tech community. He co-organizes the Prompt initiative (mhprompt.org), dedicated to lifting the stigma surrounding mental health discussions.

My Sessions

Every Millisecond Counts: Performance & UX


How do you lose 900 million dollars in 100ms? Or 8 million visits in just 4/10 of a second? User expectations are higher than ever when it comes to web performance, so much so that we’ve created an entirely new application architecture just to make it feel like our websites are faster than they actually […]

Intermediate Javascript

Meet the php[architect] Authors


We are going to have three php[architect] book authors in attendance, so decided that we should do something special!  We will have each of them set up at a table with copies of their books so that you can chat with them, ask them questions, and if you want pick up a copy of their […]