Edward Finkler

Graph Story

Ed Finkler started making web sites before browsers had frames. He does front-end and server-side work in Python, PHP, and JavaScript. He is the Lead Developer and Head of Developer Culture at Graph Story. Along with Chris Hartjes, Ed is co-host of the Development Hell podcast. Ed’s current passion is raising mental health awareness in the tech community with his Open Sourcing Mental Illness campaign.

My Sessions

How To Be A Great Developer

Great Falls

The best developers aren’t always those with amazing programming chops, but are those who can empathize, communicate, and interpret project requirements. If we want to be great developers, we must value those skills just as highly as tech skills, because we need them to anticipate, and solve our users’ problems, and work effectively with our […]

Beginner Short Talk

(Keynote) Stronger Than Fear: Crisis in the Tech Community


There is a crisis in the tech industry. At least 20% of our colleagues, friends, and teammates suffer silently with mental illness, but our work culture does little to help. Based on real data, we’ll show the enormous impact of mental illness in our industry, and how we can change – and save – lives.