Jeroen van Dijk


Jeroen van Dijk is a Technical Consultant at Enrise, a Netherlands-based open source development company, and former board-member of the PHPBenelux team. He has been doing development with PHP for more than 15 years, with a passion for high-performance and high-volume web applications based on open source. Nowadays Jeroen also has proficient expertise in building mobile apps using the technologies like Appcelerator Titanium and React Native for cross-platform development.

My Sessions

WordPress REST API Hacking


The REST API is an awesome plugin to expose your data from the WordPress core. But… the standard implementation might not fit your specific case. Just like the WordPress core you’ll be able to extend it to your specific needs. I’ll show you how to handle authentication, introduce caching strategies, alter custom post types or […]

Intermediate WordPress

The Enterprise Wor/d/thy/Press


WordPress has been my blogging tool for a long time. A powerful tool for easy publishing! Large sites like TechCrunch and TheNextWeb use it exactly for that reason. And more enterprises seem to discover it too. But how do you keep it running? This tutorial will teach you how using Ansible, Composer, WP-CLI, REST API […]

Intermediate Tutorial WordPress