Joe Ferguson


PHP Dev, Sys Admin, Community Builder, Conf Organizer & Speaker, Maker, Hacker, Tinkerer, Space Geek, Husband. Enjoys craft beers and whiskey. Owned by cats.

My Sessions

All the Laravel Things – Up & Running to Making $$


Come learn about all the tools in the Laravel ecosystem designed to save you time and prevent you from writing the boring cruft needed for every application. We’ll cover getting started with local development, building basic apps, and deploying. We’ll cover how Laravel easily handles vagrant, testing, oauth login services, billing and subscription services through […]

Intermediate Laravel

Console Apps: php artisan forthe:win

Ash Grove C

Laravel is a great framework to use for web applications but what if you need to do more? Come learn how to harness the power of the console in your Laravel applications to do various tasks such as caching data from 3rd party APIs, Expire old content from S3 or other data store, and batch […]

Advanced Laravel

Laravel from the Ground Up


Ready to jump into Laravel and start building applications and more? Ready to explore more than just Adventures in Laravel 5? Come learn the best practices for local development, building real world applications, and deploying your applications to production. Join us and learn how to leverage modern development practices so build powerful and robust applications. […]

Beginner Laravel Training