Josh Butts


Josh Butts is the VP of Engineering at Offers.com, located in Austin, Texas. In addition to over a decade in the trenches of e-commerce at Offers.com, he is also the organizer of Austin PHP, one of the largest PHP user groups in the US. Josh has taught several classes in PHP and enjoys the opportunity to share his experiences with the PHP community.

My Sessions

Composing PHP Applications with Middleware

Ash Grove A

With the advent of PSR-7, middleware has become a household name in the PHP ecosystem. This talk will cover middleware architecture concepts including a comparison of how middleware is being used in PHP versus other languages. We’ll look at how to leverage middleware concepts to build applications from scratch as well as combine off-the-shelf components […]


Containerizing PHP Applications

Great Falls

Docker is hot right now and if you’re ready to get started, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll go over basic Docker concepts like Dockerfiles, containers and images. We’ll look at some sample applications including WordPress, Drupal as well as some framework-based examples. We will talk about strategies for building Docker […]

Beginner Drupal Tutorial WordPress