Kalpana Goel


I am a free lance Drupal developer. I have given talk at Capital Camp and Gov Con 2014, 2015, and PHP[World] 2014, DrupalCon LA 2015, DrupalCon Barcelona 2015, and PHP[World] 2015. I am Open Source advocate, working in Drupal since last 5 years. I started contributing to Drupal 8 core in April, 2013 and helping organize Drupal 8 Code Sprints and DrupalCampMaryland, contributing to core development, and mentoring new contributors.

My Sessions

Drupal 8 Entity API


In this session, we will cover the Drupal 8 Entity API. We will talk about content and configuration entity. The differences between content and configuration entity will be covered as well as we discuss how to create custom entity, store and query entity data, and handle entity validation.

Drupal Intermediate