Larry Garfield


Larry Garfield has been building websites since he was a sophomore in high school,which is longer ago than he’d like to admit. Larry has been an active Drupal contributor and consultant for over a decade, and led the Drupal 8 Web Services initiative that helped transform Drupal into a modern PHP platform. Larry is Director of Runtimes and Integrations at Platform.sh, a leading continuous deployment cloud hosting company. He is also the Drupal representative to PHP-FIG.

My Sessions

Design Systems and Drupal

Great Falls

Modern web design requires thinking not of a series of pages, but of content, in the abstract. It requires not building a design, but a system. Fortunately, some content management systems fit that model extremely well. In this session, we’ll explore the concept of design components and atomic design, and how they can be realized […]

Beginner Design Drupal

Software Management Lessons from the 1960s

Ash Grove B

“The Mythical Man-month” is one of the seminal books in the field of software project management. It was written in 1975, based on experience from the 1960s, yet many of the lessons-learned Brooks’ presents are still relevant today. Some are directly applicable while others are valid with a little interpretation. This session will present a […]


Drupal NOVA User Group Meeting

Ash Grove B

Join a meeting of the Drupal NOVA User Group of DC. (Open to the public as well as all conference attendees holding any ticket type.) Grab a free ticket if you’d like to attend. Presentation Title: Make your code do your job Presenter: Larry Garfield Presentation Description: Throughout history, advancement has come from reducing the amount of […]