Matt Davis


Matt Davis is a web architect living in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. He has been working with Drupal full time since 2007. This year he was the Coding & Development track lead for DrupalCon New Orleans, and also led the migration of wunderground.com onto the Drupal / Angular platform originally built for weather.com. He is also the creator of the Decoupled Blocks module for Drupal 8, a progressive decoupling tool for multiple javascript frameworks.

My Sessions

Decoupled Blocks in Drupal 8


“Progressive decoupling with your favorite javascript framework” Decoupled Blocks is a javascript-framework-agnostic decoupling tool for Drupal 8. It allows blocks to be written in the javascript framework of your choice, without needing to know any Drupal API’s. Currently the module supports Angular 2 and React, with Ember support coming soon. First announced at DrupalCon New […]

Drupal Intermediate Javascript