Michael Heap


Michael is a fixer, working mainly with with PHP/Go/MySQL and doing bits of server administration on the side, he goes where things need working on. Currently, he’s a member of the platform team at Datasift, working as part of a team that processes and augments various incoming data sources (including the Facebook firehose) before redistributing it to customers.

My Sessions

WordPress as a 12 Factor App

Ash Grove A

Powering over 25% of the web, WordPress is one of the most used projects in existence. WordPress strives to make life easy for their end users first, but what if I told you that with less than an hour’s work you could make it a joy to work with for developers? By following the Twelve […]

Intermediate WordPress

A Beginner’s Guide to Deployments

Ash Grove B

Deploying an application means different things to different people. It may be as simple as running `git pull` on a server, or as complex as building RPMs and deploying to a canary set of servers. This talk covers both ends of the spectrum and the points in between. We’ll outline several tried and tested deployment […]

Intermediate WordPress