Michelangelo van Dam


Michelangelo van Dam works at in2it as a professional PHP consultant assisting businesses to automate their development processes, improve their code quality and train their development teams. Michelangelo is also president of the PHP user group PHPBenelux where he and a team organizes monthly meetups, development events and an annual conference. He’s a devoted member of the global PHP community and contributes to open-source projects, mainly PHP related.

My Sessions

(Keynote) Open Source for a Successful Business


Open source has been a couple of decades the subject businesses tried to avoid. Only recent years major companies have seen that open source is a mindset that challenges, improves and stimulates innovation further and faster than traditional closed source environments. Join me in our experience and discover how open source made our business successful. […]


Decouple Your Framework Now, Thank Me Later

Great Falls

Frameworks give you a rich toolset to do complex tasks easily and developers all love it. But then you need to update your framework from one version to another and things are falling apart because of the tight coupling with your business logic. In this talk I show a couple of actual scenarios that went […]