Nicolas Grekas


Nicolas works at Sensiolabs as CTO for the Blackfire.io, the PHP profiler that we were all missing. He started sending pull requests to Symfony by the end of 2013 and since nobody told him to stop, he’s now a core team member & top-ranking contributor, in charge of the Debug, Cache and VarDumper components. He also contributed the deprecation policy in place since 2.7, the patchwork/utf8 package and the Symfony Polyfill project to the community. He likes optimizing CI matrices and removing lines of code.

My Sessions

Migration Guide to Symfony 3.0

Ash Grove C

This workshop guides you through the migration step of your Symfony2 applications towards Symfony3. You will learn where and how to update a Symfony2 application code that uses deprecated features in order to make it compatible with the upcoming Symfony3 version. You will also discover the history, the strategy and the tools we designed to […]

Intermediate SymfonyLive Tutorial

Profiling PHP Applications


You cannot improve what you cannot measure. That’s why profiling applications should always be the first step before trying to improve its performance. Learn how to spot your applications’ bottlenecks and how to adopt profiling into your developer pipeline. This workshop will introduce some PHP profiling tools such as XDebug or xhProf as well as […]

Advanced SymfonyLive Tutorial

Symfony 3, the Key Concepts

Ash Grove B

This full-day training, dedicated to managers and software architects, helps you understand the key concepts of a Symfony3 project. It facilitates the management of a Symfony based project by allowing better control of technical constraints and context provided by Symfony.  In this workshop, learn how to manage a Symfony3 project on a day-to-day basis. Discover […]

Intermediate SymfonyLive Training