Paulo Eduardo Lima Rezende


Paulo is a Founder of Psyco, a brazilian software consulting business and started his carreer as Front-end developer. A little time later he changed to the server side of the force by starting to develop with PHP in 2006.  He specialized in Zend Framework development, and following the evolution of the framework is now a ZCPE.  Today he also acts as evangelist of PHPSP (São Paulo PHP Developers User Group) in Brazil and contributes to a few Open Source projects.

My Sessions

Doctrine ORM to the Rescue

Ash Grove A

Almost all PHP applications connect to databases and PHP has its own database abstraction layer – PDO. Frameworks usually have other layers of database abstraction, that often work with PDO. But after all what is an ORM? What is a DBAL? Why is Doctrine one of the most popular libraries of PHP developers today? What […]

Intermediate Short Talk

PHP Framework Introduction

Great Falls

One of the most frequently recurring subjects in PHP forums and communities is the choice of a framework for a specific project. There are a lot of available PHP frameworks and new ones being made every moment, This talk will explain the basic concepts of frameworks, make a comparison between the most popular frameworks in […]

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