Sean Prunka

PunchOut2Go, LLC

Sean Prunka has been a PHP developer since roughly 1998 and an active member of the PHP community since 2010. Sean currently works as a senior developer for PunchOut2Go. Outside his PHP life, he is an active member of three community theatres in his area of rural VA. When he’s not too busy with work or theatre, Sean helps his wife wrangle their 6 kids between their own theatre rehearsals, band practices, soccer, swim meets, and other such kids’ activities.

My Sessions

Baby Steps -> Giant Leaps. (Xdebug for Beginners)

Ash Grove A

var_dump($foo); print_r($bar); die($baz); Are these your current debugging tools? Wouldn’t it be nice to see $foo, $bar, and $baz while the code is still being executed? Watch it change live? And not have it just dumped all over the output of your otherwise beautiful app? We’ll install XDebug, set up your IDE to use it […]


Stuck in Legacy Land? Get Unstuck!

Ash Grove B

Are you stuck developing a project using end of life PHP? Upgrading from an obsolete version of PHP is scary. You’ve heard how wonderful PHP 7 is, but you’ve no idea how/where to start. Have no fear! I’m here to help! We’ll cover the basics of upgrading PHP itself & updating your code. We’ll get […]

Beginner Tutorial